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Full Circle

1-1-11 … very cool!

Dear Family and Friends,

My year project has ended, a full circle. It’s been an interesting journey. I was not trying to compete with all the wonderful food bloggers out there (and there are many). I just did a simple blog (my first) to document a year of meals. It is fun to look back at some of the posts and remember exactly that day and what was going on. Makes me wish I had kept journals my whole life. You forget so much.

I’ve learned a lot about my cooking habits, my menu choices and about myself…..

  • I actually finished a project I started
  • Lost enthusiasm as the year went on
  • I cook less from scratch then I did years ago
  • hard to cook for just two people
  • helps to prep for dinner early in the day before I get tired
  • I learned we eat a lot of tacos and hot dogs
  • I take care of Steve and he takes care of me
  • Spend way to much money on groceries
  • Waist more food then I should
  • Still burned out on cooking
  • I’d cook differently if I was cooking for myself
  • Glad there’s spell check
  • …and Steve never complained!!!!

Part of me will miss posting our dinners daily but… I’m glad it’s over. I have aways wondered who looks at this blog so if you have followed me this year I’d love it if you would sign the comment section.

I have a new blog planned for 2011 but I won’t be posting daily. I hope everyone who has visited the “What I Feed MY Husband” blog will check out my new blog and enjoy it as well. See you next year at Joan’s Kitchen.

Best wishes and may 2011 bring you joy, love, laughter and good food!

p.s. I think it might be hard to never come back here and post something again so maybe I’ll post the really nice meals I make…. If you’ve subscribed to my blog you’ll know if I do that.

Like last year at this time dinner today was the traditional New Years Day Hoppin’ John….

Hoppin' John


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