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Beef Stroganoff

……three hundred and sixty-five days later.

The last meal I made for Steve in 2010 is his all time favorite, beef stroganoff. Steve has eaten this since he was a little boy. His mom, Clara gave me her stroganoff recipe right after Steve and I got married in 1971. I copied it on one of my brand new recipe cards and put it in my brand new recipe box that my sister gave me for a shower gift. I still have both the box and the card to this day. A great meal to end the year.

I’ll be making one more post on New Years Day so please check in again tomorrow.

Beef Stroganoff

"Mrs. Cobb's Beef Stroganoff"


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Today I ran around town getting the stuff to put together a birthday box to send to Jessica next week. Bummer for the people who have their birthday’s close to Christmas. Today Steve was able to go out on the boat. It’s the first warm day we’ve had in a while. He also ordered a new trolling motor, his Christmas gift to himself…

I decided that the last two meals for 2010 were going to be my favorite meal and Steve’s favorite meal. So tonight I made my favorite… spaghetti. Stay tuned to see if you can guess what Steve’s is. December 31st will tell.

Steve's Plate

Joan's Plate

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Today I boxed up all the kids gifts and shipped them off to California via FedEx. I always use FedEx, they’re my favorite shipping company. I do like the new USPS boxes “if it fits it ships” flat rate. I hope they continue to add more box sizes. I also caught up on laundry and bills and grocery shopping. One more day and I’ll feel completely organized…. lol.

Decided on elk burgers tonight. I just cooked them in the fry pan. Seasoned them with soy sauce. Got some nice fresh buns from the bakery to put them in. Steve put artichoke hearts, red onions, cheese and lettuce on his. Baked some sweet potato fries and had a great meal.

Elk Burger

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We woke up to 26° in central Florida this morning but two hours later in Lake Placid it was 62°. I don’t think the cold weather is over yet but it’s definitely getting better. We unloaded the car and put everything away. It always feels good to be home. There was not much food in the house except snack stuff so we made a tray of cheese and crackers. We opened all the salsa’s Steve received at the Christmas gift exchange from Kasra. A very nice variety of flavors from The Brooklyn Salsa Company. They’re all so different and good it’s hard to pick a favorite.

Salsa, Crackers and Cheese

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Now it’s officially over. Christmas 2010 is behind us, the kids are all back in their own homes and we are headed back to Lake Placid. We’re spending the night in Ocala, Florida. We still have not escaped the cold… it’s going to be 26° tonight. I hope the pipes in our house haven’t frozen while we’ve been gone.

Even though we had many great meals dining out this last week we are really done with that for a while. We had some crackers and fruit in the car and I got a few little packets of peanut butter from the hotel breakfast bar. We had a nice mini dinner. Emily’s cookies from NYC added a nice touch for dessert….

Fruit, Crackers and Peanut Butter

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Beer and Apps

Today was our last day in Atlanta for the holiday. We dropped Emily off at the airport in time, even though Steve missed the exit. Her flight was an hour late taking off but she’s now in LA. Seth, Berkley, Steve and I didn’t do much until we met Jess after she got off work. We played a dice game called. farkle, I won… Then we went to the Brick Store again for beer and a bite of food. We just had a few appetizers, one of which was perogies. We had a good time. After walking back to the hotel we said goodbye to Jess and now we’re headed to hopefully a good night sleep. We all leave tomorrow. Seth and Berkley fly back to LA and we will be driving down to Florida. All of us are ready to be out of this freezing, windy weather.


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Cuban Christmas Dinner

Merry Christmas everyone! We had another wonderful Cobb Christmas. We actually got up reasonable early and made it over to Jessica’s about 9am. Berkley and Seth started working on breakfast. They made three different flavors of Quiché, maple bacon and served it with fresh fruit. We opened the 6 jars of salsa Steve got in the gift exchange to put on the Quiché. All six flavors were really good. I’ll have to get back with you with the name of the company. We then opened our presents and stockings. A lot of great gifts were given and received. We started prepping for dinner. Seth made a very good Cuban mojo pork loin, I made  jasmine rice with roasted scallions, diced red jalapeño and cilantro and black beans, we also had steamed beets and pan roasted Brussels sprouts. Emily made the best salad, (I need the recipe). It was an excellent Christmas dinner. Emily’s boyfriend Kasra  joined us and Andrew a friend of Jessica’s joined us as well. A game of Risk consumed most of the afternoon. Such a fun game but lasts forever. Christmas 2010 is behind us. We are all looking forward to a great 2011.

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