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Semi-Home Made Pizza

I didn’t plan or make dinner tonight thinking that Steve would be home late… He came home early. So I pulled out a frozen pizza and topped it with taco meat and pepperoni and he was perfectly happy with that.

Said hi to the Kravis’ today and gave them a box of Vosges Exotic Truffles to thank them for letting Seth and Berkley have their wedding on the ranch. They are such gracious people. I referenced the Master Card commercials and commentated about the wedding…. “Flowers – $100, Caterer – $500, Wedding on Westlands Ranch Priceless.”…lol. August 1st tomorrow, the count down begins.


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Getting late… HRK arrived today so I’m sure there is a lot going on to get everyone settled in. I’ll just wait patiently at home for Steve….

I made Chicken with Artichokes and Sun Dried Tomatoes. I’ll sever rice and peas with it. Be back later to finish this after I take a picture.

9:21pm… dinners finished.

Chicken with Artichoke and Sun-dried Toamtoes

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It’s almost 8pm and dinner is getting over cooked. I’m waiting for Steve to come home and I get a call from him telling me to quickly go outside and look up…. Over head is the Kravis’ helicopter making a sweep above our house. Steve of course is in it. They arrive tomorrow and everything and everyone is ready for their arrival. They did some maintenance on the helicopter today and were giving it a test run. Fun, fun, fun…

Dinner (over cooked) is tilapia, sautéed cabbage (that I over salted) and Thai yellow curry jasmine rice (good). For the next couple of weeks I think I need to make dinners that are easy to make early in the day and still tastes good heated up late. I also made a very colorful salad to go with the very yellow dinner…

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Empty Plate Casserole

Today Steve came home at about 4pm and had DUNCH… dinner/lunch. He had left over stroganoff, still good and yummy. He went back to the ranch and is still not home.  So I’m thinking dinner is over and he’ll probably go straight to bed when he gets here. So this is what I made for dinner….. it was so easy but tasteless.

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Pork Stew???

Not sure what to call dinner tonight. I just put a bunch of stuff in the crock pot and ended up with something yummy. Pork loin chops, onions, canned tomatoes, broth and Marsala wine… oh I get it, that’s what made it really good, the wine…. Served it over rice, roasted some asparagus and dinner was great.

Another story… When I was about 7 years old my family lived in Wiesbaden, Germany. One night for dinner my mom made a roast beef with a wine gravy. Now usually you put the wine in early and cook off the alcohol and just the flavor is left. Well my mom put the wine in at the last-minute and then served it. The alcohol was fresh for the drinking. So… I’m sitting at the table sopping up the gravy with my bread and I started to act really silly. Everyone was laughing at me so of course  and I became the center of attention. More time went by and I was out of control. Finally my parents realized I was drunk. I guess they took the gravy away and put me to bed. And no I am not an alcoholic today, but I could have been….

Pork Stew

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Spent most of the day working in the home office. Doing fun things like paying bills, updating spread sheets, downloading real estate forms, you know all that really fun stuff…. The ranch is in full throttle, it’s going to be a very busy three weeks for Steve.

Dinner was a Stouffer’s lasagna. salad and bread.  I’m having brain fade on what to make for dinner these days. I need something to motivate me….

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Taco Salad

The First Time I Had Taco Salad.

Another story from the past… Emily was born at home on the Lazy Shamrock Ranch out side of Kremmling, Colorado. After both Jessica and Seth’s birth’s in hospitals it was an easy decision to have Em at home. With my history of very short labors with Jess and Seth we anticipated the third being the same, and it was. Emily was born in 50 minutes. We would have never made it to the hospital in time. All went well and on September 7, 1982 we became a family of five. That night we invited all our friends over for a “BIRTH day” party. No I wasn’t super mom (yet)… I did not cook for everyone. I was snuggling with my new little one upstairs in my bedroom. Our midwife Joan prepared dinner, she made taco salad. That was the first time I ever had it. It was your basic salad topped with elk burger mixed with taco flavoring and pinto beans, topped with chopped onions, shredded cheese and Fritoes. We put Good Season’s Italian salad dressing on it. That was a good day!!!!!

Taco Salad

I’ll share these non-food pictures with everyone…. it was a very special day.

Young Family Cobb

Emily's BIRTHday

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