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Today is Memorial Day and before I do any posting I want to say thank you to all our American Soldiers who have given their lives so we can have the freedom that we cherish and enjoy. Let’s never take it for granted and forever keep the support of our Soldiers a top priority. Thank you also to all the military families for their sacrifice.

Today we enjoyed a day of leisure, going shopping, enjoying a movie and grilling hamburgers. How fortunate can we be? And the weather was beautiful too!

Grilled Hamburgers


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It was a good day today! I worked all morning cleaning out our big closet, taking 3 trips to the dumpster. I have 8 boxes of things to go to the thrift store and the consignment store. It was amazing the stuff I found. Some things a real treat and then other stuff totally junk.  It feels really good to purge. A lot more to go…

It was 31° this morning with a heavy frost but by this evening it was BBQ weather. I marinated tenderized boneless chicken breasts in olive oil and fresh lime juice and then sprinkled a cajan spice on them. I grilled them about 10 minutes. I also grilled sliced zucchini and scallions sprinkled with olive oil and Badia Complete Seasoning. I use this seasoning on all my vegetables, it’s the best! Steve and I both really enjoyed dinner….

Grilled Cajan Chicken

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Hearty Breakfast

I decided to post breakfast today. On the weekends sometimes I make a “hearty” breakfast. Today I made fried kielbasa, fried potatoes, 2 eggs (over easy) and sour dough toast for Steve. He only gets this once a week….  maybe. Since I posted breakfast I bailed on making dinner. Steve went in and cooked a frozen pizza for himself…. lol.

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I discovered a delicious new chicken dish. It’s on the back of the Knorr French Onion Soup packet. The only thing I did different was I used 4 chicken thighs instead of breasts and I cooked it for 1 hour. I served it with Mahatma Saffron Rice and roasted asparagus. This is worth having again, both Steve and I liked it a lot.

Sun-dried Tomato Artichoke Chicken

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This will be the most served meal of the year in the Cobb household.

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Chicken Enchiladas

I spent the day in Glenwood Springs and Carbondale running errands. On the way home I stopped in the Mexican grocery store and got some fresh made chicken enchilada’s, pork tamales and straight out of the oven flour tortillas. I ate 2 hot tortillas right away…. so yummy. We had the enchiladas for dinner, they were very good.

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Grilled Rib Eyes

We started the day at 27° and ended the day at almost 70°. Grilling steaks on the back porch was a real treat after so much cold weather. I think the rest of the week is going to be warm and beautiful. Along with the steaks we had sautéed mushrooms, baked potato, salad and garlic bread.

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