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Home Grown Tomatoes

Tomato Sandwich

Despite the unseasonable cold weather we have had this year in Florida Steve has kept his tomato plants alive and well. For about two weeks he had to bring them into the house every night. We had 20 degree weather at night… unheard of. This week he picked some “vine ripe” tomatoes and made a delicious tomato sandwich for lunch.


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Italian Take Out

Take Out

I can see that take out is the flavor of the day  at the Cobb house in Lake PLacid. I’m not sure what restaurant this meal came from but I will guess Heron’s Garden or Schooni’s. I’ll ask Steve tomorrow when I talk to him. We ate Thai here in LA… unfortunately not that great.

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Chicken Marsala

Egg, Bacon and Arugala Sandwich

Fish and Chips

Salad with Avocado and Veggie Burger Strips

I got into LA late as you may have noticed from my earlier post. No one had eaten because they were waiting for me… so we had a late dinner at Nichols Restaurant in Marina Del Rey. Can you guess who ordered what? There were four of us – Seth, Berkley, Emily and me.

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Log Cabin BBQ

Log Cabin BBQ

I’m in LA. Since it’s after midnight I guess that means I missed a day of posting… On our way to the airport in Ft. Myers we drove through the little town of La Belle. It was lunch time so Steve quickly pulled into a restaurant called Log Cabin Bar-B-Q. It is a small place and was packed with people. As we sat down a woman came over to the table and ask if I was from Colorado. Puzzled I said yes thinking she saw our license plate when we drove in. Then she asked ‘is your name Joan?” Even more puzzled I said “yes’ and asked her “do I know you?” Come to find out she was the mother of Emily’s best friend when we lived in the Keys. Can’t believe she would recognize me. They now live in LaBelle and own a BBQ restaurant. I’m always amazed how small this world is. We caught up on both our kids and then enjoyed a very good BBQ lunch. I will defiantly go back.

Side story… I mistakenly told Seth I would arrive in LA at 6pm. I gave him my departure time out of Atlanta instead of my arrival time in LA. Since there is a 3 hour difference I didn’t even give it much thought. It’s a long flight, I watched two whole movies. It was really dark when we were landing and I thought how strange, in Florida at 6pm it’s still light. Right then the pilot came on the speaker and announced that it was 8:55pm… oops!

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Sneaky Pete’s

Before I post tonight’s dinner I want to let everyone know that I will be away from the helm for the next 10 days. I’m going to LA to visit Seth and Berkley and Emily. Soooo excited to spend time with them. Just wish the weather was going to be a little warmer. With help from Jessica I still plan to post Steve’s dinners and may even add the meals I have with the kids in LA.  Should be fun…

Sneaky Pete's

When we lived in Birmingham we discovered a great little hot dog place called Sneaky Pete’s. Now I know it isn’t in vogue to eat hot dogs unless they’re made of chicken or turkey but I am not ashamed to admit I love a good ole fashioned dog. The traditional Sneaky Pete hot dog is built with a hot dog in a bun, yellow mustard, sauerkraut, chopped onions, Sneaky Pete’s sauce and sprinkled with paprika. There are a million ways to dress a dog but this is one of the best. Every time we drive through Birmingham we stop at a Sneaky Pete and stock up on their sauce. You can’t buy Sneaky Pete’s Sauce online now, so unless you’re driving through the south your out luck to get some.

Tomorrow night I will be in LA and I’ll check back in then.

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Taco Salad

Taco Salad

“Well that was very good Joan you can put that on the blog”. When we make taco salad it’s pretty standard except we put Fritos on it instead of tortilla chips.  Enough said…. I’m a person of little words. At least today!

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Habakee you ask? This is my favorite dinner, I have it for my birthday every year. Translation for habakee…. Jessica’s word for spaghetti when she first started talking. I start with any basic pasta sauce, spice it up a bit and add some spicy Italian sausage meatballs. Tonight I used Roa’s Puttanesca Sauce. Some garlic bread and a salad and that’s it.

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